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Is equal connecting dead? - site-promotion


There was a time when joint concerning was a come to one priority among webmasters and SEO's for obtaining a good hunt engine position, that time alas is no longer with us.

This is in no small part since webmasters are no longer dedicating as much time to link pages. Why should they spend hours and hours in receipt of link partners and then building sure that their are linking back to them when all they have to do is spend 5 minutes joining a web ring or 20 notes a day updating their blog or rss feed.

More and more we are using other methods to get sites linking to us, such as unification web rings, or on placing keyword rich text ads to be found on cautiously selected forums or appeal sites. These bring us the keyword relevancy credence we crave so much as well as targeting the colonize who in point of fact have an interest in the creation or idea we are marketing.

With the foreword of such tools as rss and blogs there has come a alteration in the way we advance our sites to achieve a good page rank and a optimistically a higher rank with the engines. Gone are the pages and pages of links to other people's websites and as a replacement for we use the distinct page blog/feed. We are reaching out to a another audience, an addressees that wants to come back to us day after day after day because they have a akin appeal to ours. With our blogs potentially being fed to any person who wants to read it we can give our new customers / readers some useful information as well as guarantee a come back visit which could answer in that indefinable sale.

Updating our blogs is more enjoyable than chasing backlinks; we are indulging in a diversion we have an interest in and obtaining a good consequence for our site.

I still get hits for my older sites from link partners but obtaining link partners for my new site is increasingly challenging and to be decent I almost certainly won't chase this time consuming a bee in your bonnet with getting benefit links ever again. If I can find more visitors and make sure a consistent visit from a search bot as well as use my time comprehension and copy about a subject that benefit me then I will, won't you?

My view is that joint concerning is dead. Long live the blog.

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