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5 absolutely free website marketing tools - site-promotion


I've composed some actually cool free crop for you that will help with your website marketing efforts. What do I want in return? Nothing!

Free Tool No. 1 - How To Keep Track Of Your Google Rank Not including Homicide Hours

This is a very nifty tool that let's you keep track of where your website is scheduled in Google. com for your key phrases. You can also input other websites and keep track of them as well (you didn't hear me say 'competitors' did you?).

Download it, ensconce it, run it. Simple.

http://www. cleverstat. com/google-monitor-query. htm

Free Tool No. 2 - How To Check For Cracked Links

One of the effects that can especially annoy visitors to your website is if you have links that austerely do not work. Well worry no longer! You can now addition the web concentrate on of the page you want to check and this brilliant diminutive tool will run off and check every link on your page to make sure that it works okay - how cool is that?!

http://www. siteowner. com/badlinks. cfm

Free Tool No. 3 - How To Check The Speed Of Your Homepage

It's central that your homepage is optimised so that it loads up on people's screens as cursorily as possible. You can use this handy tool to simulate how long it takes your homepage to load up at another bond speeds. The tool will also afford you with some handy tips on how you to speed up your homepage.

http://www. websiteoptimization. com/services/analyze

Free Tool No. 4 - Free Web Tutorials, Allusion Supplies and Assets For Your Website

Whether you have produced your own website or a big shot else has built it for you the next supply is a great place to learn more about web development. Even if you don't build your own website you can approach the free, down-to-earth tutorials to grasp the basics of web design.

The site has lots of free tools you can just copy and use above-board on your website, tutorials on assorted aspects of web aim and announcement boards where you can chat about troubles with other website owners.

http://www. bignosebird. com

Free Tool No. 5 - Seven Part Internet Marketing Course

Get a free education avenue on website marketing that includes a one hour audio seminar, exceptional gossip and more here: http://www. websitemarketingbible. com/marketing/

Enjoy the freebies!

Michael Cheney is the Biographer of The Website Marketing BibleTM: "Your bible is superb! The world needs to read it and learn from it. " - Jay Conrad Levinson, Biographer of "Guerrilla Marketing" http://www. websitemarketingbible. com

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