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Types of keywords - site-promotion


Keyword can be classified into three categories :

-Single word Keyword

-Multiple word Keyword

-Keywords based on Theme

Keyword(s) are basic raw data used in Hunt Engine Optimization (SEO). Keyword assortment or Keyword Delve into as it is called technically, where in we use distinctive tools to find out a list of Keywords (search terms) searched by embattled audience, is one of the most central step in SEO. Keyword can be distinct word, two or three words, many words and theme based.

Lets conscript each of these one by one . Agreement these categories of keywords would also help one to come to a decision as to their targeting on certain pages.

Keyword of Distinct word


Keyword of Distinct word is used to affect a large passage but leads to decidedly clash kind of sites. Keyword of Lone word are known as generic Keyword(s) where we aim all-purpose audience. Keyword of Definite word does not help to affect a aspect page for a certain audience.

Although, Keyword of Free word helps in bringing huge transfer but these terms are as a rule not important these days, as, searchers by and large use two or three keyword to find out their mandatory information.

Instead free word keywords are good theme keywords.

We can use these basic keyword 5 to 7 times in a web page for good theming according of a site. The contained by pages of the site can become licensed these themes into consequence or ceremony categories by adding up qualifiers to these theming keywords.


Keyword "Services" will churn out answer of all the web sites allied to Military which can be United States Area of Physical condition and Human Services, The Substance Abuse and Mental Shape Services, aim Services, online Services, offline Services, Indian Services, American Services, food Services, agricultural Services, affair Services, free Services, paid Services, etc.

Keyword of Many words


Keyword of Compound words is used to aim a certain traffic, which leads to high sale, top arrange in examination answer catalog as well as improves page rank competition. Keyword of Compound words are known as Certain Keyword(s) where we aim a definite interview & not all-purpose searcher. Keyword of Compound words helps to aim a detail page for a detail audience.

Keyword of Numerous words, more often than not are scene detail and allied to geographic area of your deliberate military or products.

Keywords based on Theme


Keyword based on Theme are used to affect a decidedly under attack audience, which leads to quick high sale, top attitude in exploration conclusion catalog as well as boosts page rank. Keywords based on Theme are known as Conceptual Keyword(s).

Keywords based on Theme consists all doable central Keywords correlated to the web site for that reason attracts high travel of besieged audience. Keywords based on Theme add condition by as long as Keyword Rich Text to examination engines, which build up fallout and afford besieged examination conclusion listings.

Keywords based on Theme are used in each page of web site to focus on a definite topic interconnected to a beleaguered topic or idea (theme). Keywords based on Theme for practical purposes add in augmentation of informative pages for its site focusing on altered connected topics.

Keywords Targeting Strategy


Keywords Targeting Approach is a tactic, which guides in insertion central keywords like Keyword of Distinct word, Keyword of Manifold words and Keyword based on Theme according to their magnitude for doing well optimizations of the site.

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