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Do you know how your web site fits into the by and large marketing approach for your business? Do you have a plan for your web site as a marketing tool? If you're like many entrepreneurs I speak with, you almost certainly don't.

All over the world, small big business owners are costs thousands of dollars on edifice and maintaining web sites exclusive of being able to key one big question: What do you want your web site to do?

Creating a web site lacking a marketing approach can be an costly and time-consuming mistake. Here's an illustration from the more comfortable world of paper and postage. Dream that you hired a decorative designer, on paper 5000 four-color tri-fold brochures, and when the boxes arrived, you asked yourself, "Gee, what shall I do with these?"

That scenario may sound a bit thwarting as it stands, but let's take it further. Assume the first idea that occurs to you is mailing your new catalog to a list of 500 names you cool by exhibiting at a trade show. But then you achieve that you didn't blueprint the booklet as a self- mailer -- all 6 panels are crammed with graphics and copy.

To mail your brochure, you will now need 500 envelopes. Of avenue you want to use the ones on paper with your concentrate on and logo, but how much do those cost a piece? And do you have 500 in stock? What will be the cost in money or time to get envelopes printed, addressed, and stuffed? How long will all this take? Was any of this in your finances when you had the flyers printed?

The catalog exemplar can tell us much about what goes wrong in creating web sites. Many sites are constructed to be easily electronic brochures. Entrepreneurs often get their sites calculated by distribution their in black and white catalog to a web designer, and saying, "Put this on the Web. "

So here's what is wrong with that. If you want your web site to appeal to traffic, your web site must be Calculated to catch the attention of traffic.

You have a abundance in conniving your site and integrating it with your generally marketing strategy. You can elect to make your site an electronic leaflet with no concern of how to be a magnet for visitors built into the design. If you do this, it means that you must aim travel to your site by other means -- advertise, promote, exhibit, speak, write, network, prospect, mail, call, etc.

Unfortunately, most small affair owners find this out after the fact. They put up the site and then gradually accomplish that no one is considering it. So they start payments time and money on banner ads, on-line malls, classifieds, postcards, bulk email, redistribution articles, exchanging links, and more.

The complementary is to conceive your site to be a magnet for travel in the first place. If you're going to spend all the time and money to build a web site, doesn't it make more sense to have the site bring you customers moderately than you having to bring customers to the site?

To coin a high-traffic web site, it must be search-engine friendly. 85-90% of all web site interchange comes from exploration engines. When a client types in a keyword express you hope will bring them to you, your site needs to be one of the top 10-30 outcome shown or that client will never get to you. To earn top positions in the major exploration engines, you or your web designer must know the guidelines each engine uses to construct its rankings, and mold your site to meet them.

Some of these guidelines communicate to the comfort of your site, and how it is organized. Others have to do with the expert facts of how your site is constructed. If you don't want to know these specifics, you'd beat hire a big shot who does. That's the catch with hire just any person who calls themselves a web designer construct a site for you.

Looking at a designer's collection of complete sites will tell you only a small part of what you need to know about their abilities. Who wrote the comfort for those sites? Who considered the page blueprint and navigation? Where did the graphics come from? And here's the most chief question: What did the designer do to make those sites search-engine friendly?

It's a rare anyone who possesses the four-way amalgamation of aim ability, mechanical expertise, marketing know-how, and explore engine savvy to conceive an attractive, constructive web site that will be a focus for interchange AND cause paying customers. You know which of these capabilities you by now have, and what new skills you're eager to learn. Make sure you hire associates who have the rest.

About The Author

C. J. Hayden is the biographer of Get Clients NOW! Since 1992, C. J. has been credo affair owners and salespeople to make more money with less effort. She is a Master Proficient Coach and leads workshops internationally. Read more of her articles at http://www. getclientsnow. com


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