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Website promotion: 10 uncommon bonuses that can triple sales - site-promotion


Website promotion is no longer easy to do.

But if you know about these 10 uncommon bonuses and use them, your accomplishment may be assured.

1. Message Alerts - Give customers e-mail alerts about analytical in a row or creation releases before your non customers find out about it. .

2. Discounts - Allow your customers to get lower prices on your food and other associated products other businesses sell.

3. Practiced Call Ins - Set up a date and time when your customers can call up and talk absolutely with experts that are correlated to your industry.

4. Concealed Invitations - Give your customers private invitations to consumer measures that non customers cannot attend.

5. Online Rolodex - Compile a list of web sites or online contacts that are allied to the product. You could broadcast it on CD-ROM or on the web.

6. Archived In order - Bundle as one some older in order that's no longer available. It could be e-zine back issues, articles, transcripts, etc.

7. Counselor Code - Give your customers unlimited consulting with their purchase. Allow them to contact you by e-mail, phone, fax, in person, etc.

8. Audio/Video E-zine - Give customers an upgraded version of your e-zine in online audio or video format. Non-paying customers could only get it in e-mail.

9. Free gift Declare Board - Offer your customers a communication board were they can herald freebies they offer from their web site.

10. Bargain Argument List - Offer your customers the opportunity of combination a exchange email conversation list. They can exchange goods and armed forces with others.

May you be successful in your website promotion and make a lot of money.


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