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Would you like to foil Internet users from visiting your website? You may feel that you're asked a silly question. But then think about why so many investors are mutely inspection how their web projects are doomed to invisibility from the outset even with nonentity wants to conceal his or her own website from the public.


In the Internet's Average Ages - eight to ten years back, all associated to the Web was exceptionally expensive, from Internet admittance to web aim and training to hosting, and creative folks built their first websites by and large from a perspective of forthcoming opportunities. The then start-ups tried to be a focus for their audiences by exciting in rank and bright movies in hopes that the visitors will find their web pages somehow, by means of ads or otherwise, and bring to mind the constructive Internet concentrate on (URL) or add it to favorites in order to come back again and again.

But times have changed. Now, with more or less forty million of dynamic domains and twenty million of websites, the archaic advance to inflowing any online promote doesn't work. It's no longer an adequate amount of to have nice graphics and constructive in order on web pages and drive some extra transfer to a site via banner ads. To be visible, websites have to compete brutally for explore traffic. Those players on the Web who don't absorb new harsh realities are just behind their money and online niches to rivals.

Power of Search

Today's Internet users aren't leaning to compile lists of advantageous web addresses and then copy and paste or type in realm names like "www. your-greatest-website. com. " Of course, an arithmetic mean web surfer has a add up to of pages bookmarked in the browser, but when it comes to probing the Web for information, foodstuffs or services, the user goes to a examination site and type appropriate words or phrases in a explore box. What would you do if you needed, for example, a vacuum cleaner or the most modern news on a Cabinet change around in Myanmar? Yes, you visit your beloved hunt site and type in your key hunt terms there, say, "vacuum cleaner" or "cabinet change around myanmar. " The exploration site will demonstrate you its examination conclusion page or pages with many links to the in order you need. It's down-to-earth and effective.

The explore sites have be converted into an integrated part of the complete Internet business and can be classified into two major groups: hunt engines and directories. The hunt engines use exceptional programs; so-called spiders or crawlers go the web, scan web pages and add in them in examination engine databases. Converse to the exploration engines that store in sequence about web pages, the Internet directories are supported manually by human editors, have no automated programs and list websites by categories. Google, MSN, AltaVista, AOL and AlltheWeb are the most all the rage explore engines on a comprehensive scale. Yahoo! and DMOZ (ODP) are especially remarkable among inclusive directories. Yandex and Backpacker - each has a explore engine and a encyclopedia - have essentially captured a hunt bazaar in Russia and other CIS countries even with they now face tough antagonism from Google. There are local examination sites at the deeper regional level as well. Ukraine, for example, has UaPortal. com. ua and Bigmir. net (directories), and META. ua and Sova. com. ua (search engines) that are overwhelmed by contest from the likes of Google, Yandex and Rambler.

Whatever marketing researches you do, anything classy web conceive and encoding technologies you apply and doesn't matter what great website you launch, your web endeavor will at all times continue buried from your affect audiences if your web pages get into explore engine databases and are planned among the first 30 explore results. Every online big business comes to this assumption closer or later. Every now and then it happens too late when designers has by now sucked in all website finances and sacrificed budding explore interchange for classy and excessive graphics or codes.

Lost in Design

Did you ever ensue to talk a web assignment over with a conceive studio? Experienced website owners know there are five points which you will be reverted to, no affair what goals you in reality wish to get. These sacred cows are "logo, encoding language, colors, graphics and site structure. " When you ask designers about visibility of a website to your aim at audiences, its projected positions on the exploration engine consequence pages and whether their conceive hypothesis improves or worsens those positions, you all the time hear a little like "? our team ?creative advance ?newest technologies ?clear blueprint ? matching colors" and so on which arrival you to the above five dogmas. If you aren't bright adequate to resist the spell they used to cast over a client, you'll became addicted to graphics and not remember about your core objectives - visibility to Internet users and high rankings in hunt engines. Among those who fall into the trap of confusion their own goals are not only newbies, but also practiced folks whose websites have plummeted down in exploration engines from Top10 to invisibility since they unfairly arranged to "upgrade" their "obsolete" content-rich recourses to broadcast pages and inner pages heavy on flash computer graphics and brainwashing codes.

Now it's time to look at how it works. Oh, sorry, how it doesn't work.

Tolerance to Invisibility

There are top needs such as job, health, foodstuffs, car, etc. that millions of citizens depends on in their everyday life, be it in Kiev, Moscow or New York City. Also, we know there are a lot of websites that offer applicable foodstuffs and armed forces via the Internet, above all in large cities. The point, however, is how available and helpful the assistance and consequence providers are online. To learn whether online income meet the needs of an arithmetic mean consumer in altered cities, we can depict some of the most apt queries with keywords or phrases and type the keywords in a exploration box of examination engines.

For example, let's take Google. com and Google. com. ua that can give authoritative explore on New York City and Kiev. If you type "new york city jobs" or "jobs in kiev" (the last in Russian or Ukrainian, of course) in the examination box and hit the Enter, you'll get millions of examination consequences on New York and more than hundred thousand domino effect on Kiev, with the first 30 germane to the explore query in both cases. It's OK; website owners in the recruitment commerce do pay concentration to their online visibility and transfer to their sites in many countries worldwide. When you're penetrating for "online food shopping," you can find a lot of online provisions in New York, but the Kiev Top 30 outcome add in no absolute links to the websites that sell crop - just free classifieds and links to listings at the Internet directories. It's not bad for the New York shoppers who can decide on among one and a half million hunt fallout on foodstuffs. But when it comes to other industries that cannot show so many results, say, dentistry, the Kiev and the New York web income display about the same trends; a adult years of the dentistry sites have no aim links from Google's examination answer pages and are searchable only all through classifieds and listings at directories, if any. Many of them have slow-loading pages unfriendly to both examination engine spiders and Internet users. What did the website owners think about, when they invested in those letters of films and brainwashing codes that could never get even a click in the gloom of the competitors? They didn't think. They just listened to their web aim contractors.

Here is a classic example. The Kiev web developers who afford outsourcing air force say that their best clients are among US small businesses and Ukrainian large companies. Why? Since there is no need to adhere to rigid necessities in terms of website promotion and visibility, and a outworker may assume a senior fee-to-time ratio. The US clients think an easy availability of broadband air force surrounded by their kingdom gives them a argue to dispense with some conventional rations and to accept as true that huge films and codes could also be cool for the dial-up and global users. On the other hand, the Ukrainian key clients often neglect an online visibility issue, as they have faith in their brand names are broadly known both regionally and globally. That's why they trust their contractors completely and never draw up the specifications themselves.

The vast adult years of website owners about the globe still don't difficulty commanding confines on graphics and brainwashing codes and don't care about website specifications, above all visibility issues such as keyword and competitor analysis, web page structure, web promotion (http://azurel10n. com/web-promotion-faq. htm), etc. You can launch your web endeavor that way too, but think about what you'll certainly get: a functional site with tens of thousands of monthly hits or an out-of-the-way online presentation in an Internet-compatible format?

About The Author

Vyacheslav Melnik is the come to nothing and owner of AzureL10n (http://azurel10n. com/), a website specializing in web localization, copywriting and hunt engine optimization for Runet and Uanet, the Russian and Ukrainian portions of the Internet.

vm@azurel10n. com


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