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Promotion. . . also known as selling. Not an easy task in today's market, but with the right tools you can succeed. What I know is what I have cultured in promoting a. k. a. advertising my web site, spiritwhole. com, and trust me, I could write volumes by now. But, to make it short and sweet, here are some tips that you can use to get your affair buzz like a kitten that in fact work:

  • Your contacts and family. Yes, they love you, and most of them are more than happy to help you out. What I did was conceive a killer flyer and asked them to deal out them to their co-workers and the like. Now that's cheap labor.

  • I wrote a few articles that concerned me and tied them in with my affair then, approached a choice of sites that I belief would be genuinely interested. Most of them that I approached were attracted and, guess what, ancestors are analysis my articles with my commerce name tagged at the end.

  • Donate a percentage of your profits to a good cause that good you. This generates tons of appeal in your affair by word of mouth and by alliance with the business that you are donating to. And hey, you'll have change for the better karma too.

  • Send small inserts with your bill payments. Yes, with your bills. Transfer to my site doubled after I began doing this. The citizens that you pay money to are breach the envelope and depositing the checks that you sent to them. Why not add a small enclosure with your payment. . . . they promote like crazy with inserts when they send you the bill. You're just chronic the favor.

About The Author

UW Graduate, 1989, BA Bus. Admin.

Owner, www. spiritwhole. com

Animal Lover

Published Poet

info@thespiritwhole. com


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