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Streaming Media?now a well conventional Internet technology. Yet streaming is still not being extensively utilized by members of corporate education staffs. Why is this? I would venture to guess that lack of absolute experience, delay to try new methods, and fears about costly "TV type stuff" have all contributed to make streaming seem like a little too challenging to effort successfully.

Granted, streaming media still has its limitations chiefly in the area of delivering full- screen, full-quality video. But most of the big players on the Internet, even those in head-to-head clash for the fast-growing streaming audience, agree that as bandwidth continues to improve, streaming provides a value added ceremony to the Web. Live and on-demand streaming has beyond doubt inwards on the Internet and on corporate intranets as part of a disc mix for all kinds of applications counting sales, marketing, and training. (I think that the entertainment value need not be disputed. )

Streaming is economical and exceedingly affordable. Once the instruction construction has been completed, there is no need for exclusive tape, or CD-ROM, duplication and shipping charges. The course is obtainable 24 hours a day exclusive of human interference and can hang about on the circle site for an indeterminate time. Streams can also be archived for easy contact by new employees, customers and visitors. The cost of hosting and archiving these streams is hardly visible compared with the costs linked with tape duplication, storage, mailing, and the personnel necessary to act these tasks

What is streaming exactly? Streaming promises quick admission to carrying great weight at ease exclusive of the frustrating wait for files to download. Downloading requires that files be sent to the user's PC in their entirety already they can be played; MP3 is a complete exemplar of this. The files then keep on on the user's apparatus until they are deleted. Streaming endlessly sends these same files, which have by now been digitized, to the user's PC while the user is listening or watching. When the brook is ended, no data is left after on the user's machine. Streams can also be password confined for further security.

Why is this knowledge so well apposite for instruction purposes? The first and most compelling key is its availability. Different a video or tele-conference, the participant sets the time and place for the education activity, not the education provider. This is analytical when you have a far and wide detached sales group, your band has apart locations, or personnel who compel guidance are on atypical shifts. This is also a very appealing aspect for those in search of senior enlightening opportunities.

Maintaining exercise values and techniques is facilitated with streaming media. The guidance giver is certain that all participants will see and hear the same program. It also makes the producer's job easier; he or she only has to "put-on" the course once Instead of many times and can put more importance on class construction values.

Streaming media can be seamlessly integrated with other tools as part of the same program. An audio barrage could be used with still or 3-D graphics to talk about complicated machinery, architectural plans, or manufacturing drawings. Use a video cascade in conjunction with primer exercises for the classroom. Blend audio, video, and graphics for a conveniences tour for cold sales ancestors and their customers. Exploit streaming as an helpful worker orientation tool, also. Band manuals can be adapted for on-line use and be free on the ballet company Intranet for guidance on demand.

Streaming media can endow with the key when a ballet company needs to reach a great many clients at one time. I spent quite a few years in the juvenile crop activity where artifact recalls are common. Many of those recalls absorb food that compel a down-to-earth mechanical adjustment that the end-user can by far achieve when provided with clear instructions. Streaming media could be used to display the curative formula and save the ballet company a small chance by eliminating avoidable phone calls and effect returns.

Streaming media equipment is fast befitting an established fashion for disseminating in sequence as well as a practice to entertain and amuse us. Now that broadband acquaintances are at once available, companies that are eager to channel these new techniques will be called "creators of value" and the innovators of the future.

Ronni Rhodes is the owner of WBC Imaging, an Internet circle that specializes in web site enhancement utilizing streaming media technology. With her husband, Don, a digital media engineer, they work with companies to incorporate streaming as part of doing well and evocative sales and marketing programs.

Please aim all questions and clarification to: Ronni@wbcimaging. com 520-742-5780 http://www. wbcimaging. com


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