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Have you ever wondered why some websites get a thousand hits a day while others don't? Well, the clandestine lies in a little called 'website promotion'.

When I mean 'website promotion' it does not demand you to spend loads on money to make sure that your site stands out. In fact one can by a long shot promote their sites and at the same time save money.

1. Free Links

There are so many sites out there which offer free links. Associate the webmaster and offer to altercation links. By doing this you are not expenditure a cent and yet your site gets exposed too.

2. Free Submission to Exploration Engines

This is one which I often do for my websites. The answer is amazing. At one go you can decide on to acquiesce to a lot of hunt engines. Just type 'free submission' in any explore engine and you will be able to get the sources for submitting your site.

3. Word of Mouth

Have a new site to promote? Just allotment the word about to any person and each one you know. Let your breed and acquaintances know about the site and tell them to bring up to date their contacts about it too.

4. Print URL

Printing the url of your site in namecards & letterheads is a different way to amplify hits to your site. The more advertising your site gets the more visitors it earns!

5. Give in Content

Are you a pro at a aspect topic? If you are write articles and give in them to a choice of web portals. At the end of the critique put a link to your site. In this way those who read your articles will click to visit your site.

The above are some ways on how you can promote your site lacking burning a big hole in your pocket. Have fun promoting your site!

About The Author

Anusuya Veth is a creative character who has copious websites such as 'Wow Mag', 'Celebrity Jam', 'Cupid Traps' and 'Anya'. She designs & promotes her own sites & her in progress one is an online side dishes store 'Anya'.

http://www. geocities. com/anya_veth

anya_veth@yahoo. com


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