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A novel free-for-all idea - site-promotion


Almost everybody who has tried submitting to free-for-all sites will say that they are no longer worth the endeavor as a interchange generating tool.

Automated FFA submissions to "millions" of sites are also not that constructive as most of these sites are only ever "visited" by automated submission scripts and not by human eyes. The only thing these auto submission tools accomplish is to get your e-mail deal with bombarded with "confirmation" e-mail from the FFA page owners.

Many unsuspecting users who submitted their delicate e-mail concentrate on to these submission tools have suffered incredible frustrations since of the "spam" they receive. (Technically they are positive e-mail that the submitters decided to receive. )

However. one before "victim" of assenting "spam" managed to turn the tables about with a very ingenious twist to the process.

He chiefly submitted his web site using the FFA auto submission tools and arranged to get the "millions" of positive email. . . but submitted an e-mail concentrate on that led to an autoresponder that replied back to these emails with a "thank you for your offer which I'm considering. . . please have a look at my web site in the meantime" type e-mail.

Incidentally, Outlook Definite also has idea rule act which we can use to attain a alike effect. Easily click on "tools", "message rules", "mail", "mail rules", "new", "where the implication is from the individual account"(the e-mail balance you be determined to catch assenting "spam" with), and "reply with message", then detail the letter you want to reply with.

Don't fail to remember to also to all comers circulate your e-mail concentrate on to numerous mailing lists, classified ads sites, and someplace that is liable to get your attend to "spammed" The best part is when "spambots", and bulk e-mail adopt harvesters etc. pick up your e-mail concentrate on and it gets built-in in those "e-mail 100000 prospects for $49. 95" offers, you'll be promoting your site to many ancestors with agreed no attempt on your part at all!

Have fun with this one.

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Terence Tan is the come to nothing of HugeAffiliates. com, a website dyed-in-the-wool towards the advancement of Multi Level Colleague Programs as an complementary arrangement of business. Visit http://hugeaffiliates. com to learn how MLAPs can multiply your associate recommendation commissions.

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