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Do not post to ffas (free for all sites) & link farms - site-promotion


With culture about online promotion, there is so much in rank out there about "what you ought to be doing" to promote you business. This tutorial will be to enlighten you about what you SHOULDN'T DO!

What are (FFA's) Free For All Sites & Link Farms?

These types of sites can be accepted by their one purpose. To list 100's, maybe 1000's of "One Line Ads" on all on one page.

What was the original purpose?

A few years back when this form of promotion was very popular, each one was redistribution their one line ads on these types of sites for more travel to their site and a advance "link popularity". It was soon realized that "FFA" sites don't do either.

How can adding together a small, one line ad accompanied by 100's of others that isn't connected to each other allowance you???


The only ancestors they assistance are spammers. . .

Here's why!

Once you acquiesce your one line classified ad, you inevitably give the owners of the FFA sites to send you messages. At the same time, there are 1000's of marketers who are gathering your e-mail to do the very same thing.

FFA's are like being in heaven to spammers. . .

Honestly though, have you ever spent the time to visit a site from these lists?

Do you honestly want to ruin your e-mail just from relocation one time??? I agreement you that your inbox will be full inside a be important of weeks.

On an added note, Google is actively probing these FFA sites and imprisoning them. They offer no use to visitors. Entertain do your affair a favor, never list and FFA sites on your site, you might be area of interest to being penalized as well from Google.

Once that happens, you'll be expenditure most of your time frustrating to claim from the loss.

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