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How to get your visitors to tell a associate - site-promotion


Does your website offer visitors a quick and easy way to counsel it to a friend? If not, you're lost out on a ability gold mine of free traffic.

The benefits:

  • Automated website promotion. You set up the code and your visitors do the work of promoting your website for you.

  • You accept privileged attribute visitors. Your visitors will refer citizens *really interested* in your crop or services. These colonize will be more liable to subscribe to your newsletter, apply for your free reports, and finally BUY YOUR PRODUCTS!

  • Nobody will every be insulted or upset by this promotion method (as long as you make it clear that the implication comes from their friend). Citizens can only participate if they visit your website, and email will only be sent by colonize the recipient knows.

    Just asking your visitors to advocate your website isn't enough. You need to make it easy. Offer a form on your website your visitors can fill out to commend it to a friend. Also put the form on every page of your website, put it in a pop-up window, or link to it on every page.

    There are many ways to do it:

  • Javascript. See the Javascript capital on my Webmaster

    Resources page at http://www. busymarketing. com/links. shtml for a website with commands on how to use the script.

  • CGI. I exceedingly like Birdcast at http://www. bignosebird. com - it's what I use on my website. You can find more options on my Webmaster Income page.

  • A service. Many remotely-hosted scripts are available.

    The most all the rage is Recommend-It at http://www. recommendit. com (which offers a contest as an incentive and allows you to add approval links to the email you send out). There is also a free course called Let 'Em Know at http://www. letemknow. com which allows you to run your own contest for participants and in all probability offers more statistics. Any can be set up in 5 notes or less.

    Javascript and CGI scripts have the allowance of being from tip to toe under your control. You can make specially them to work on your website and come to a decision if and how visitors are notified about the beginning of your script.

    Services are easier to set up, but have to make a existing come what may and may use publicity or big, tacky buttons with their name and/or logo in order to do so.

    Don't delay! Set up a Tell-A-Friend approach on your website to watch the digit and characteristic of your visitors better exclusive of raising a finger.

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