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Let's face it, being paid (and keeping) a good Google page rank is no easy task and requires continual attention. Not just in receiving give-and-take links, but honing your Meta tags, and custody your contented fresh. But we are here to converse only one part of the pagerank dilemma. In fact this condition will focus more on other, and in some cases, more central profit of a apt links directory.

Directory Structure

  • Categorize your address list well- Denotation the more categories you have the advance logical your address list is. More categories means your visitors can locate exact links a lot faster.
  • Minimize the depth of your categories- You be supposed to not make your book more than three group levels deep, for case in point if you are a go site and have a group for Jamaica, then the arrangement case would be Travel>>Caribbean>>Jamaica. Easy routing for your site visitors is the main argue for this.
  • Reason two for minimizing your book depth- Exploration engines will spider each page of your website, they will agree on the pagerank of each page based on its content, and detach away from your homepage. Use this as a rule of thumb; each level down from your homepage will cost that page "one" pagerank point. Using the case above, this is what is meant here, Travel>>Caribbean>>Jamaica: the Travel" page would have the main pagerank being adjoining to your homepage, let's say it has been give a Google rank of 4, the next level "Caribbean" in all likelihood would have a rank of 3, and so on.
  • No more than 20 links per page- There is not a link partner in the world that wants his/her site to be on your link page as link amount 100. I would fairly be link add up to 3 on page amount three than link amount 100 on page one. This is clutter, and hopeless to all involved, you, your link partner and exceptionally your site visitor. Keep this in mind as well, when the explore engines spider your site they will also announcement more pages on your site thus formative that you offer more content. Your link partners will also be conscious of it.

Relevant Links

  • Do your visitors exceedingly care if you own a pass through site and have links to recipe sites? Of choice not. While locating good attribute link partners for your site will take more time, it will be well worth it in the long run. If you have a go site, seek out fee cars, escape spots, move accessories, and the like. Your visitors are on your site as they (at that jiffy in time) are fascinated in what your site has to offer, do not adjustment the visitor's train of belief into something other than what you want them to think about, in this example, itinerant and clothes coupled with traveling.

Make Money from your links?

  • Of course! Joint connecting is a great way to help your website's exploration engine ranking, but assembly burning cash from your links is a whole level up from that.
  • Join colleague programs like Agency Junction and add some associate links to your directory. For our go site example, you can get offers like move accessories, charge cars and the like.
  • Have a good mix of links to other sites and belong to links- You do not want a address list full of associate links, this is a major turn-off to your visitors. As a be relevant of fact, you be supposed to have at least a 10 to 1 ratio of consistent links vs belong to links.

Advertise in your directory

  • Since you now have a well controlled encyclopedia with an exceptional structure, narrow to 20 links per page, and a lot of pages with good marketing space, it's time to place some banners.
  • You can broadcast some of those good sites that you are united with and place a banner or two on every page.
  • Keep it neat- You be supposed to have characteristic space on the left or right side of your almanac add a Skyscraper banner to each side (only one per page though), it is well known that the better the banner the more clicks on that banner you be supposed to receive. A skyscraper is commonly 120 x 600 in size. Add a distinct banner at the top axis of each page as well; make it a assorted ad, offer a touch another than your skyscraper. This is the most constructive banner position on any page, use it for banners.
  • Sell banner spots- Now that you have a well categorized directory, you can sell ad space to vendors whose goods or armed forces allure to that actual category. You can even offer the top spot on a actual page for sale or as a trade for the same kind of link for your site in a big cheese else's directory.

Exceptions to the rule

There are those sites that do not fit into any class of your site that have that HUGE Google page rank, and you want them to link with your site. Here is a tip for you to keep those sites happy and get that top rank. In accumulation to you're accepted links directory, build a break minor give-and-take links directory. This may be only 1-3 pages in size. This book must have a as the crow flies link from your homepage (most top rank sites command that), and title it a touch like "Special Link Partners" or "Recommended Links". Add only page ranks of say 6-7 or elevated to this elite directory. This will make sure your most central link partners that you will not be burying their link classified your link directory.

We have quite a large choice of software in our downloads almanac at http://www. bullmarketer. com that can help you automate the course of supervision your own links directory. One curriculum in detail is Arelis by Axandra. This software is not only VERY user gracious but offers tons of features. There is a free lite description existing for download.

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