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Diy seo part 3, marketing - site-promotion


We have dealt with the tags so the hunt engines must be happy when they find you, now you have to shove your site in a few spaces that get indexed on a daily basis.

This ensures that your website will get indexed by google, yahoo and alike as cursorily as possible. These next 4 steps are free and compulsory for the continual development of your internet business.

The first site we want to visit is http://craigslist. org When you get to the site you will want to find the small biz ads division and find the appropriate area for you. If you don't live in the USA or England then desire use the area contiguous to you.

Please acknowledge this site and do not spam it, he provides a costly assistance and you will be banned if you exploitation it.

Add your website, make sure you make use of the title tags as described in DIY seo prt 2 (just google the title if you haven't read it) and you will get a costly link from a high PR site for a week or so. Since Craig's gets indexed on a daily basis your site will be built-in by the bots.

The next visit you will want to make is to blogger. com, if you before now have a blog you can skip this section. Blogs as we all know by now are a favourite of the explore engines and blogger is a different high PR site that gets frequently visited. Open an account, get a flamboyant title and get blogging. If you can make at least one post a day for a month then you will get the googlebot visiting you on a daily basis. Put a link back to your site from your blog page that the bot can follow, make sure your contented is important to your website and consist of those constructive keywords you worked so hard on.

Make sure in your blogger console that you have the "notify weblogs. com" box ticked, we need all the exposure we can get.

In the site feed tab you have the choice to broadcast the site feed, make sure this is ticked and make a note of the feed URL, you will need this for the next step.

The next step for now is for you to get along to feedburner. com and open an account. Add your URL from blogger and get hold of your feed link in the publicise section. You can also grab a diminutive carroty fasten so your visitors can syndicate your site.

Finally, go to pingomatic. com and open an account. After EVERY post you make in your blog, skip over to pingomatic's site and get pinging.

By effecting these 4 steps you be supposed to find a considerable become more intense in travel to your website and you will get googled, yahoo'ed and msn'ed on a common basis, this is good.

Mark white has been complex in IT for 16 years and has been energetic in internet marketing and web blueprint for 5 years.

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