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The link swapping trap - site-promotion


If you want to make money on the web, you must get traffic
to your website. If you want to get travel to your website,
you must have a high rank in google's hunt results. Google
ranks websites based upon the digit of links that point to
the site.

Many novice webmasters consider they can trick Google into
giving their website a high rank by swapping links with
other webmasters. One analyze they accept as true this, is because
"wanna-be" web marketing "experts" keep spouting that trash.

It's only in part true that Google ranks websites based
upon the amount of links that point to the site. Google
uses a decidedly classy page position formula that keeps
changing and evolving all the time. Google immovable onto the
link swapping trick years ago.

Novice webmasters put all their link swaps on one
gigantically long page referred to as a "link farm". When
Google's robot finds a link farm, their place formula
penalizes the websites scheduled in the link farm. If Google
finds the same site programmed in many link farms, they remove
that site from their hunt engine.

Just about every week I get an email implication saying
"I to be found a link to your website on my website. Entertain put
a link to my website on your website. Here's where you can
find your link on my website" . . . followed by a link to a
single webpage containing hundreds of links . . . a link farm.

I customarily reply to such a communication with a appeal to remove
the link to my website from their webpage. The novice
webmaster often responds with a idea of pure astonishment.
Link swap desires have be converted into so conventional lately that I have
been responding by clicking on the "Delete" button.

Every webmaster that wants to swap links has a website
with zero traffic. Even if Google didn't castigate websites
for being scheduled in a link farm, why would I want to send
traffic away from my website to a website that can't return
any traffic?

Not only are these novice webmasters not practiced in the
way of the web, they seem inexperienced in the way of the
world. The first rule of the universe is "you never get a
free lunch". If you want your website to rank high in Google,
you have to pay them. If you can't allow to pay them, you
have to do the work.

It's hard work to get travel to your website. There is
only one logic I know that works: put valuable, original
content on your website. Other websites, blogs, and forums
will post links to the constructive at ease on your website,
not with a link swap, but as a store to their audience.

When a big shot chairs a legitimate link to constructive content
on their webpage, the webpage has low link density.
Google's page place formula gives the page a high score.
If a link to your webpage is found on a high scoring
webpage, that raises the rank of your webpage.

On the other hand, a page with a high link density, with
hundreds of links and a small amount other content, gets a negative
score from Google. If a link to your webpage is found on a
webpage with a depressing score, that lowers the rank of your

Don't try to scam Google by swapping links, and don't
cooperate with foolish webmasters who think there is a
"free lunch". If you want to get a privileged level in Google,
resulting in more transfer to your website, there is only
one way - good old craze hard work.

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