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Search engine optimisation - it's the holy grail of website design, or, put an added way, a catchphrase which means "get programmed on Google. " For the reason that lets face it; if your website doesn't show up on a Google search, you may as well not have one. It's like aperture a shop on the moon.

So, how do you get listed? It must be very difficult, no? I mean, look at all of the website companies charging a destiny for "optimisation" services. Well, quite. You could throw away a chunk of your hard-earned paying a big name to get you listed. Or you could just do it yourself. For free.

First effects first: here's what you need to know about Google. com, the web's chief explore engine, and all in all the only one you need to worry about. Google is like high school. It's a popularity contest. Google will only be your ally if you're one of the cool kids - i. e. , if you've got a lot of associates (or "hits" as we in the web-design commerce like to call them) already.

Here's how it works: you've got your website. With a bit of luck got it from us J It's all beautiful and shiny and you love it. You want each one to see it and admire it and love it just as much as you do. You wanna be an internet rock star. So you agree to your site to Google. This is the easy part: go to google. com, click on the "about Google" link, and then on the "submitting your site" link. Then you sit back and wait, right?

Wrong. What Google does now is "scan" the web, looking for websites, which it then indexes on its exploration pages. But as I said, Google's fickle. It'll only go for the most common sites - the ones that are being paid hits already. If you're not doing the whole lot you can to bring visitors to your site anyway, you may get scheduled on Google - but you'll be on page 14,562,572. Which especially isn't portion anyone.

So, to get listed, you need hits. Here's how to get them:

1. tell citizens about your site

The more ancestors you tell, the better. And I'm not just discussion about illuminating associates you think might be concerned in it. Tell EVERYONE. Tell the postman. The man who sells you your break of day paper. Tell that kid who keeps subsequent you home from work every day. You need to get your web attend to out there. We don't care how you do it. Every time a celebrity visits your site, Google sees. Soon you'll be creeping up them there listings?

2. Put your URL on your affair cards

And your letterhead. Put it on your adverts, in your brochures, on your Christmas cards. Hell, get it coated on a sign and hang it on your back. That's what we do. (I'm kidding) The more sitting room ancestors can come diagonally your URL, the more expected they are to click on it. And clicks mean prizes? (Your URL is the deal with of your site, by the way. But you knew that. )

3. Get planned in online affair directories

Yell. com (the Fair-haired Pages online), Touch Edinburgh, the West Lothian Board affair directory? All of these give you the choice to add your website attend to to your big business listing. Once it's there, it's just before you to be clicked. And we know what clicks mean. .

4. 4. Post on communication boards

There are online debate boards all over the internet. Check out handbag. com (for girls), fool. co. uk (for money), or bigsoccer. com (go on, guess?) just for starters. Have a surf and you're bound to find amazing that catches your interest. Now all you have to do is join in the conversation - and bear in mind to add your website concentrate on to all your posts. Bingo.

5. Get a good signature

Not the kind of signature you write on your belief card slips - the kind you add to the base of your emails. It must bring in your name, acquaintance in sequence - and, of course, that all-important website address!

6. Get a good website!

OK, so this maybe must have been add up to 1? As attracting visitors is all very well, but if you be a magnet for them to a poorly deliberate website, they ain't never appearance back. Make sure your designer knows what they're doing: get by hand a well-designed, functional website with a touch associates want to see, and the visitors will come?.

Amber McNaught co-owner of Hot Igloo Productions Ltd. , a website aim and editorial air force business contribution writing, proofreading and editing. http://www. hotigloo. co. uk amber@hotigloo. co. uk


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