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Marketing case study: launching (2001 - 2002) - site-promotion


The Challenge

WebSiteMarketingPlan. com was to be a companion site to the Web promotion and marketing plan guide "How Much for Just the Spider? Strategic Website Marketing. " Even though the accost was comparatively new -- marketing plan change integrating conventional and online marketing strategies -- the all-purpose "Internet Marketing" group was crowded and very competitive. Additionally, I had much offline marketing experience, but zero online credibility.

My early challenges when launching the Website were:

1. ) to gain online credibility and

2. ) to be heard in a crowded and often hype-filled category.

By February, 2002 the site was near ready. I had fought because of a FrontPage knowledge curve and had a site full with contented but a bit hard on the eyes (let's just say I could never make a breathing as a diagrammatic artist). I signed on for a basic hosting plan with Lexiconn and uploaded my Website. Inside days, Alexa found the site. Rank? 17 million and some change.

With the site up but chiefly unknown, an early focus was to get my aim consultation -- those looking for strategic marketing and arrangement ideas -- engrossed adequate to visit WebSiteMarketingPlan. com. Assembly it even more challenging (wouldn't want to make no matter which easy on myself), I had categorical on a harshly narrow account -- no consultants and no classy marketing programs. Just a central processing unit and a truckload of allusion books.

Marketing Site Launch Case Study: The Approach

To gain credibility for both the marketing plan book and for myself, I had to show that the attempt explained in the book was solid. For this reason, I residential a marketing plan for the site using the same arrangement administer exhaustive in the book. When done, I had a abstract page with four strategies and four to six programs under each. The 20 programs were to be implemented over 12 -18 months, revised as basic over time.

Thinking in terms of the buyer acquisition stages of "awareness," "interest," "trial," and "repeat," I listening carefully first on implementing marketing programs that would build "awareness" and "interest. "

Here are some of the marketing programs implemented February all through September, 2002:

Getting Planned in Exploration Engines and Directories

To gain site awareness I manually submitted the site to about a dozen explore engines and directories -- the large ones plus a hand full of domain sites.

Because of financial statement constraints the Yahoo! directory, at $299 a year, was not feasible. I paid a one-time submission allege to Looksmart (this was already they "improved" to a pay-per-click model) and submitted two URLs to Inktomi because of PositionTech.

I intentionally did not acquiesce to Google as I had read more than once that Google rankings may be elevated for sites Googlebot finds on its own. I do not know if it made a change but Google did find the site, with cheer-invoking results.

Publishing a Newsletter

Early on, I ongoing a newsletter and carry on to bring out every one to three weeks. Strategically, this was both to gain own credibility and to have my own publishing and marketing venue. The first issue was in print in March, 2002 -- with five subscribers, counting my mom. lol!

I am immovable about increasing a targeted, attribute subscriber list so I stayeded away from mass acquisition tactics. Going with slow and besieged methods, my opt-in list at end of September, 2002 was about 600 and developing by 5 -10 daily. Far from spectacular, but in line with my expectations.

Writing Articles

Also to gain both individual credibility and awareness, I wrote and circulated articles. Mostly, I added the articles to contented sites. Publishers may reprint an commentary at no allegation as long as the condition carcass intact and the store box at the bed is used. This creates a win-win situation. The publisher gets free at ease and I get free advertising.

Joining Organizations

I also befit a appendage of a few organizations. Early on, I connected the eMarketing Association. This has befall a mutually beneficial arrangement. In addendum to the common link benefits, quite a few of my articles appeared in the monthly newsletter and condition of the week.

In 2003, WebSiteMarketingPlan. com was also customary into the Intercontinental Commission of Online Professionals (iCop). I also coupled the Internet Associate Marketing Connection (iAfma) and the Internet Warriors.


Personal communiqu? with choose high-level marketers and specialists garnered mentions of the site as well. Dealings that have led to not public communiqu? with quite a few high-caliber personalities include: 1) Answering questions on announcement boards, 2) publishing guest articles in my newsletter, and 3) publishing others' data on the site (with permission, of course).

Note that I at all times initiated associate by generous a bit of value. I did this for two reasons:

1) More expected as not, I had academic from them all through their writing. In my own mind, it was a small payback for that free advice.

2) I am uncomfortable with "selling," so do not push goods/services, etc. on others. If the association produces revenue, hooray! If not, refer to #1.

Learning from Others

WebSiteMarketingPlan. com and its companion marketing plan and Web promotion guide are "big picture," preparation resources. When it comes to implementing promotional tactics, top specialists have been a tremendous resource. I do not at all times take their advice, but they are certainly more conversant than I in their elected fields. Three of my favorites, in alphabetical order:

- David Frey, MarketingBestPractices. com David's a ex- Anderson affair consultant and top executive. He now makes his active from home with numerous booming in order products/services.

- Paul Myers, TalkbizNews. com Paul has a rare code of abilities. He can appreciate issues from all sides, build innovative marketing programs, and write with great wit. Don't let the rough external fool you -- there are some intellect under that hat.

- *Jill Whalen, Explore Engine Optimization at HighRankings. com (See note and disclaimer below. ) Jill takes an ethical, communal sense accost approximate to examination engine optimization and marketing. She is also amply detectable in the explore engine optimization community. More than a few Jill Whalen articles act in All Info About Hunt Engines and other in order sites. Jill Whalen interviews arrive crosswise the Web as well, on sites such as Exploration Engine Blog. She also runs a amply doing well forum.

Other programs were in develop or "on the back burner" until the timing was right.

The Results

The first challenges - fast credibility and attracting awareness - were well on the way to being met.

As of September, 2002 (seven months after launch), monthly visitors to WebSiteMarketingPlan. com were consistently increasing and numbered about 10,300 for the month. Just over 8,000 of those were exclusive visitors.

The site had a top-5 Google grade -- as a rule first or be with -- for both "Internet marketing plan" and "Website marketing plan. " The site was also in the top ten -- customarily fourth, fifth, or sixth -- for "marketing plan" (all terms exclusive of quotes).

While the appeal level and add up to of visitors to the site far exceeded expectations at that point, the conversion rates (which had not been a focus) were disappointing. It was time to move to the next stage of implementing the site's marketing plan -- focusing on "trial" and "purchase" all the way through augmented awareness to humanizing conversion rates.

*Jill Whalen Note: I am -- as of 2004 -- one of Jill Whalen's forum moderators. So , I'm now in performance "favorites" and delayed the Jill Whalen division a bit compared to the fundamental 2002 article. - Bobette

About the Author

Bobette Kyle draws upon 12+ years of Marketing/Executive experience, Marketing MBA, and online marketing examine in her writing. Bobette is administrator of the Web Site Marketing Plan Network, http://www. WebSiteMarketingPlan. com, and dramatist of the marketing plan and Web promotion book "How Much For Just the Spider? Strategic Website Marketing For Small Finances Business. " ( HowMuchForSpider. com/TOC. htm )

Copyright 2002, 2004 Bobette Kyle. All civil rights reserved.


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