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Seecrets on website promotion: domino effect of open cause marketing plan after 2 months - site-promotion


This author's open-source marketing plan, as announced on June 29, 2005, is for the most part for small and medium-sized businesses. By custody it simple, this biographer hoped it can be convenient to businesses with a narrow budget, can get "more bang for the buck".

The objective is to gain 3000+ inbound links surrounded by one year by sending:

A. 48 free-reprint articles in one year.

B. 4 free e-books in one year.

C. 4 free software analogous to corporate gifts or freebies

D. 6 press releases in one year.

Getting many inbound links is vital as a hits generator - sources for new visitors. Sometimes, internet users on appraisal the articles, e-books or using the freebies may visit the originating site directly.

The site www. seecrets. biz on track in early May 2005 with one article. In the next two months, ten articles were submitted and two press releases were issued. All these are free at this author's site with the dates concerned.

After two months, over 300 inbound links were obtained. It is arduous to be perfect since Google does not list back-links from sites with PageRank of less than three. At some stage in the first few weeks, together with was easy when the digit was less than 100.

The consequences from the Google, Yahoo and MSN hunt engines on July 9, 2005 at 0800GMT are as follows (the records surrounded by the brackets act for the total competing pages):

"Seecrets" got 1(7570), 1(1040) and 1(3681).

"Stan seecrets" got 4(338), 1(215) and 1(737).

"Joe Nogood" got 4(694000), 8(1330) and 1(2447).

"Rebrand software" got NR(84000), 15(88800) and 11(31124).

"Open font marketing plan" got NR(26. 7million), 10(5. 2million) and 12(1million).

"Open cause marketing plan" got 3&4, 6&7 and 2 because of the Press Circulate sites.

(Please note that "NR" means not ranked in the top 20. ).

The first three keywords (seecrets, stan seecrets and joe nogood) are critical to this author's site's brand.

The keywords (joe nogood, rebrand software and open cause marketing plan) were only introduced in late June 2005. The last two are appropriate to the site's activities.

These are the preliminary results. Readers can at all times inspect this author's website and choose that no unfair or banned methods were used. Educated readers ought to be able to see the meta-tags with ease.

This author's take

Whether these domino effect are good or not, it is up to the readers to decide. It can be a beneficial guide for website owners to better upon and optimistically arrive back to the Internet community.

This is the first step of a long journey. There will be more mountains to climb, battles to fight, obstacles to overcome and so forth. This cause is happy that the selected brand has taken root. Whether this root can grow to assist a giant redwood tree or just a bush that will decline away in the next few years, is yet to be seen.

This cause needs to thank the fine colonize after rushprnews. com, isnare. com, ezinearticles. com, bloggeroff. com and many others for creation this noisy journey for this techie-turned-Internet writer, a smoother one.

The Joe Nogood Gift Store Story - Joe runs for Supporting Administrative center (Episode 2)

[Author's note: Joe Nogood and JoeNoGood. com are fictional. It is an conduct experiment to portray flow procedures and issues (where angels fear to tread) in a blithe conceivably entertaining manner. Below is a discussion connecting Joe and his longtime buddy, Stan. ]

Joe: Let's go and visit DMV.

Stan: DMV? You've just renewed your dynamic abandon last week.

Joe: Not the Area of Motor Vehicles, you dummy. The Drunkards of Mountain View - they're so fanatical on brandy, burgundy, booze stuff (referring to their explore algorithms' names). They are drunk with their own success.

Stan: What name will they use for their next algorithm?

Joe: BS.

Stan: But, BS is an organic matter. What has that got to do with booze?

Joe: Ah, the Danes use a lot of that stuff to make methane gas. By using genetically customized bacteria, you can use this BS stuff to make ethane gas, the antecedent of ethanol - pure 200-proof alcohol.

Stan: Why visit these drunkards then?

Joe: All their rankings stuff are BS. Somehow, they managed to induce the whole world and make a lot of money in the process. They may endow with a few pointers on how to be President.

Stan: President?

Joe: By using DMV in our pages, DMV is associated to roads and being a middle-of-the-road candidate, we'll absorb all top 100 rankings for all our web pages. Joe I. Nogood is in succession for Head with the slogan "I NoGood".

Stan (thinking to himself): Joe has a way of construction the irrelevant, relevant. Just maybe, Joe will make a great President. Maybe.

[To be continued]

Stan Seecrets Postulate:

Where we originate is the same - our mothers' womb.

Where we are bearing is the same - six-feet under.

In between, we communicate.

(Inspired by George Santayana, Spanish-born American philosopher - There is no cure for birth or death save to enjoy the interval).

The author, Stan Seecrets, is a expert software developer with 25+ years come across at http://www. seecrets. biz which specializes in digital asset guard and total website management. You can send your views or analysis by e-mail to Stan at seecrets. biz.

Copyright 2005, Stan Seecrets. All constitutional rights reserved


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