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Capturing leads on travel exchanges - site-promotion


There are 3 basic mechanism to capturing leads on free interchange exchanges that need to be understood. Lead capture pages , Autoresponder abide by up systems , and Ad tracking URLs .

The lead capture page can be hosted anyplace but it needs to have at least one thing on it to be effective. . . a way to capture a person's email address.

Why waste your transfer altercation credits distribution user's to your sales page where they only have 15 seconds to conclude whether they are fascinated in your effect or service? It is too easy just to let your website rotate to the next causing you to lose a capability prospect.

If you set up an incentive-laden lead capture web page (by incentive I mean a contest or free gift for on condition that their email address) that has a short tag line about your consequence or ceremony mutual with a 2 line form consisting of name and email concentrate on you have a clear-cut yet incredibly able marketing tool.

In fact what would stop you from publicity 5 or 10 altered lead capture pages on quite a few transfer exchanges for each creation or assistance you are promoting?

Ok, so you have a person's email attend to and name. What now?

Let me clarify the purspose of an Autoresponder already I do that. An Autoresponder is a draft that sends out timed abide by up communication to a person in your Autoresponder email list. If you bond the form on your lead capture page to your Autoresponder you have a in effect ad nauseam chance to make public to your now " opt in " subscriber.

Your only real job becomes promoting your lead capture pages. The Autoresponder approach once set up requires hardly or no maintenance on your part.

Now when a character sees your incentive laden lead capture page on a Free Interchange Chat they can at once scan your break and endow with a bare minimum of in rank (nobody likes contents in forms, in particular when they only have 15 seconds to choose on your offer).

Freebies work well, free downloads, contests, giveaways. Colonize like free stuff and this gives you a nice way to build up credibility with your customer.

To take this a step additional you can track your campaigns by replacing the URL for your consequence with an Ad tracking URL .

This will tell you every time a big cheese clicks on a link contained by your email communication or lead capture page allowing you to weed out ineffective ad copy.

Make sure you set up a assorted ad tracking URL for each lead capture page or email idea and you can truly see how well each of your campaigns are drama in real time.

So get busy creating your lead capture pages, attach them to your Autoresponder be a consequence up system, and start promoting and tracking your campaigns. You must see improvements in your sales and recruiting pains immediately.

Michael Lawrence is the webmaster for http://www. cobrasurf. com providing Free Web Interchange and Free Website Promotion.

He also publishes a Blog which can be found at http://cobrasurf. blogspot. com containing articles on website promotion and internet marketing.


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