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How can you promote your online affair offline? - site-promotion


Many citizens miss out on some very constructive promotion opportunities by confining themselves to marketing their affair online. If you run a big business that is confined to one fatherland or area then offline marketing is a must.

Some of the ideas below may be evident to you but if you overlook just one idea then you are bringing up the rear business.

Business cards- yes it may be an clear one but many associates overlook it. Every anyone you meet is a budding client or at least visitor to your site. There are many spaces to get commerce cards in print both online and in your local high road or mall.

Printed Balloons- Each loves balloons, young and old alike, get a thousand in black and white up with your web site attend to on, give them out at party's, send them as gifts in with your packages, put them on your car if you want to.

Vinyl Decal /Magnetic Signs- get a vinyl decal on paper up with your website name on and put it in your rear car window. All and sundry who is at the back you in the passage jam will see it. Ask your children if they will put one in their car for you.

T-Shirts- How many ancestors see your T-shirt while you are out under your own steam in your local shopping centre or even at work? Each one likes a free T-Shirt so get a few made up and give them away as prizes for a contest on your site. Give them to acquaintances and ancestors (especially members who are in the age group that you want to attract). If your t-shirts look good you can even offer them for sale on your site and perhaps they will pay for themselves.

Coffee Mugs - If your site is aimed at administrative center personnel this is a good one, while drinking out of your cup they may well type in your site attend to just to look at it.

Flyers- put a flyer in with every order you send out, gift them a 10% concession code for their next order.

If you sell socks, go to a shoe shop and see if he will give one of your flyers to all and sundry who buys his shoes. He will get a % of each sale that uses his code.

If you sell ring tones go and see some shops that sell phones.

Charity- Benevolent an item to assistance for them to sweepstake or sale will get your site mentioned in their booklet/leaflets. It be supposed to also be tax deductible and you are genuinely selection a good cause.

Paul is caught up with Printed Balloons as a logic of offline promotion.

Visit the website to buy balloons and start promoting your affair today.


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