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Directories are the best means for receiving allied links and besieged traffic. There are a huge digit of almanac sites acquaint with all over the world. Some of them are less advantageous to users. We need to judge the characteristic of book sites already submitting our site to that directory. Some of the directories even accusation a good amount, so we need to be very cautious beforehand investing our money in the directories. The another types of criteria on which we can judge a address list are as follows:-

1> PAGE RANK:- Page Rank is a numeric value that represents how chief a page is on the web. This is the criteria agreed by Google. It depends on two factors that is "On Page" and "Off Page". Fundamentally we can judge a encyclopedia on the basis of its PR. The PR must be a appropriate one. It does not mean that we are avoiding the zero PR book sites. Today's zero PR may be tommorow's 5 PR.

Basically a almanac site be supposed to at least be cached by Google and have some civilized PR.

2> Spider Forthcoming Links:- Spider open links are the links which can be spidered by the examination engine robots e. g. Google bot is the robot of Google. It means the book site ought to give static link i. e. it means the url of the encyclopedia from where we get the link be supposed to not control any "?" or "&" mark. These are evidently an illustration of dynamic link as they commonly pass some query to the file and bring together the in order from there and shows these in the consequence page. So we be supposed to avoid these types of directories which consist of such type of url.

The other criteria for spider forthcoming link is that the link must not redirect to our site, it be supposed to be a as the crow flies one. It means if we place the mouse over the link to our site, the url of our site be supposed to be openly able to be seen in the category bar. For this we can also check the cause of that actual page, whether they are benevolent us a as the crow flies link or they are redirecting to our site.

3> Easy Submission Procedure:- The submission method of that encyclopedia site be supposed to be as easy as possible. Some directories have a lengthy submission course of action which from time to time irritates us. Some of the directories call for user login already we can agree to any link. So the submission course of action might not be center enough.

4> Well Logical Categories:- The categories of that encyclopedia site must be well controlled consequence it does not control too many or too less digit of categories. There be supposed to be a consider concerning the digit of categories. The categories must also be proper, gist the sub grouping food does not come under class directories.

5> Ought to Control Good Links:- By and large the links in any class be supposed to be good adequate i. e. does not control links to bad environs sites. Bad district sites means the dishonest sites, adult sites, pharmacy sites, gaming sites etc. If the site is containing some adult site or betting site then it ought to be full of in the apt group only.

6> How Old That Almanac IS:- We have to check the conception date of that book also, as that encyclopedia might be a new one. We can check the age of the encyclopedia from www. whois. sc. As we all know OLD IS GOLD so we must try to give highlight on the older sites. Well, it does not mean that we ought to avoid the newer ones, as later they will also befall old.

7> Alexa Rank:- Even if not a big deal but alexa rank is the criteria of a address list which tells us how much visitors they are getting. We can check the alexa rank at www. searchbliss. com/alexa-rank-tool. htm

So, depending on all these factors we can by a long shot judge whether it is laudable to agree to in a address list or not.

About the author: Alok Vats is very new to the field of web, he has a blog at aloonpre. He has in black and white this critique after going all the way through at least one thousand directories on the net. He wants to build one almanac for his own, but not the broad one. He wants to make his address list which has a little very new concept. He is looking accelerate for the hint from the old guys of this field.


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