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Dmoz - is it still worth the submission time? - site-promotion


DMOZ is known all over the internet as being the chief open font address list online, but is it certainly worth your time and crack to try to get your website programmed in their directory?

You must commit to memory when submitting your website to DMOZ that this encyclopedia is one of the human powered directories which means that a being must go over your submission, your website, and clarify if your website is laudable of being in the almanac from their own standpoint of view. All of the editors at DMOZ are volunteers just like you and me that have useful to be converted into editors and reviewers in their exclusive field of interest.

It does not cost to have your site planned in DMOZ, so that is a plus, but they do have a number of principles that they anticipate but once again the volunteers are just ancestors and they must also stick to these high values to make sure that DMOZ keeps its high affection for submissions.

DMOZ wants to attain a high quality, comfortable rich store in which the all-purpose communal will be concerned about advantageous and indispensable. DMOZ expects their editors and reviewers to keep this high accepted and only allow websites with original, exceptional and beneficial informational comfortable that contributes a bit exceptional to the category's subject. So, ahead of you give in your website go over this check list to make certain you have the type of website they consist of and then bring to mind the rest is up to the editors and reviewers.

1. Do not give in websites that have impossible to tell apart comfortable but have altered URL's.

2. Do not give in websites that have comparable comfortable to a new website you by now have programmed in DMOZ.

3. Do not agree to your URL with each page as a break free submission.

4. Do not give in websites that have pages that are not running properly, are under construction, have broken down graphics, or broken down links, or are redirecting to an added website.

5. Do not accept websites with banned comfortable such as child pornography, libel, fraud, or violence.

6. Do not give in websites that are just a bunch of links to colleague programs.

None of this will guarantee your inclusion into the DMOZ almanac but it will help. The wait to get into DMOZ can be a very long wait if certainly you are ever included.

I would not acquiesce to DMOZ and then wait about for a bit magical to happen. DMOZ is not the only encyclopedia out there. I would agree to and then not remember about it. Agree to to all the directories you can and do not worry if DMOZ does not comprise your website. I consider having your website scheduled in the major hunt engines is much more critical than a link back from DMOZ. It would be nice to find your website in the DMOZ directory, but you are relying on the integrity of the volunteer editors and reviewers which have their own opinions as to what makes up a condition website. If your website meets the criteria of DMOZ and you do in fact get an editor that agrees with these principles then you will be lucky an adequate amount to have your website included.

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