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How to build the ideal website for software archives. View from developer.

Advantages for developers

Why developers come to your archive? What do they want to find?

They wish to make their software popular!

  • Be open! Easy and quick submitting is the best way to appeal to the developers.
  • Do not ask for money from the developers for submitting. Sell software, sell advertising, and sell deep reviews - that's your font of income. And never challenge for the back link!
  • Use Portable Attention Account (PAD)! PAD is an bottomless source of the up-to-date in order about software titles. Read and exhibit to visitors as much in a row as feasible compelling it from the developer's PAD: the description account (recent changes), brief and full category in quite a few languages, keywords, the claim logo, etc.
  • Use the categories arrangement from PAD. Do not build a self-made tree of categories at first levels - the curriculum area be supposed to be legible from PAD automatically.
  • But! Enlarge the PAD categories to the deep. The term File Management is awfully wide, it encompasses thousands of titles. Refine it and offer this choice to the submitter.
  • Sell the marketing as an choice - and amputate the "Google adsense" and "Sponsored link" from paid pages. If I pay for advertising, I do not want to see the competitor's URLs on my page!
  • Advantages for visitors

    Why ancestors come to your archive? What do they want to find?

    They wish to find, learn, and chat about the software jacket their needs!

  • Let your first page be easy: easy to open, to read and to understand. I want more white space. I want scalable fonts. I want a big explore field, evident categories tree, last updates, news and postings.
  • Let your archive be searchable. Examination - that's the way to find what you need. Browsing by categories is hard and slow - each arm of categories tree includes dozens of pages. Only first rows are accessible, others are "dead weight". Few all the rage titles have an amazing downloads count - others have nothing. It's no good! Submitted software - this is a pure capital. It must not waste. Turn it ON - let this wealth do its work! Use the banner categories with complete sub-branches. Use hunt queries. Build center hunt functions, with attractive rendition of results. Visitors are shocked when they type the "dvd player" in the hunt field and get 183 titles. It's a wrong way! I want to see the complex explore with checkable categories, as well as and apart from keywords, with filters by file size, price, and date. I want to see the detectable answer figures for huge consequences as a replacement for of a full fallout list. Use the be subjected to of data idea techniques - like big business statisticians or approach game developers do!
  • Visitors want to see reviews, opinions, ratings, and discussions. And they also want to write it. Each software title must be a bit like a forum topic: a field for discussion, a place for communication. Use the forum moderator's be subjected to - visitors love the avatars, redeployment statistics, cross-postings and quoting. We want to participate in a show - not just viewing rough facts!
  • Visitors want to be up-to-date! Bestow the RSS or e-mail notifications for each software, kind or discussion.
  • This is a opinion to software archive owners from the developer who is visiting the 5-10 software sites per day, and exceedingly has a touch to say. Use these tips and grow your site to the most authoritative handgun on the Internet market. Good luck!

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