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How to set up your own free ad-tracking links and 7 reasons why you want to! - site-promotion


Any time you use a URL in an Article, Web Page, Classified Ad, Pay Per Click ad or everywhere else you ought to continually use Ad = Tracking Links. Not only will this Commentary show you how to build your own Ad-Tracker in 2 down-to-earth steps it will also tells you 7 reasons why you must all the time use Ad-Trackers

Building a Tracking Link is as Austere as using a Free Web Site Answer with a Meta Tag Refresh Link.

For a Experiment how to do this Visit http://www. ewguru. com/hbiz/sample-Ad-Tracker. html

The Redirect part of the Code takes place in the lines Connecting the Head and /head statements. This Page is redirected to Google. Just alteration http://www. google. com to point to any URL you want re-direct too.

The Tracking Code Appears amid the Body and /body tags. You would put in the Java Draft code for your Web Answer here. Sitemeter offers a free Web Contradict that has some very nice skin and has been hardened to work with this method. http://sitemeter. com Any Java Draft Type Web Counteract be supposed to work with this Method.

Here are 7 reasons why you be supposed to constantly use Ad-Tracking URLS

  • - You get great visibility. You can See who came to your web page. Who referred them. What page did they enter or exit on. How long they stayed. How many pages they visited. Appealing much the whole lot bar their hair color

  • - Split Testing. Do you want to see which classified ad pulls better. Use a Atypical ad chaser for each classified ad and let them each run a few weeks and see your results.

  • - You are in control. If you are promoting an E-book about how to profit on e-bay and you find a develop e-book you just adjust your tracking link to point to the new E-book. Or Set up a 2nd hunter link to your new E-book and see which one sells better

  • - If you are Promoting an Associate curriculum and they go out of business, you can find a comparable Associate curriculum and point your ad tracking links there.

  • - Cascading Trackers. Lets Say you want to Redirect many URLS to http://main-Redirect.

    You Build a Page called http://the-Redirect and Point it to http://main-Redirect (don't place Java Web Contradict code on this Page)

    You now Point all you other Redirects to http://the-Redirect s0 http://the-Redirect1, http://the-Redirect2 . . . (with Java Web Together with Code ) are all pointing at http://the-Redirect. Now if the URL of http://main-Redirect1 changes you adjustment http://the-Redirect to point to http://main-Redirect1 and all the URLS that point to http://the-Redirect ought to still work with no change.

  • - Free Web Based trackers go out of business.

  • - You can often get develop information when you build your own Ad-Trackers

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