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The best way to avoid being blacklisted by the examination engines is to avoid using some questionable techniques that were once accepted to gain high rankings. Even if your website is not blacklisted by using some of the techniques below, it may be penalized (buried in the rankings) so your passage will endure all the same. When a hunt engine blacklists a website it will throw your catalog off their site and block your site from appearance on the ship again. This can be done by blocking the realm name, the IP adopt or both.

Here are a few techniques to avoid, so that your site will not be blacklisted:

Mirror Websites

Mirror websites are sites with duplicate contented but assorted URL's. This was once a logic used to gain high rankings in the explore engines, but since hunt engines are smarter now, this will only get you penalized or blacklisted.

Doorway (gateway) Pages

Doorway pages are pages with diminutive real comfortable for your visitors that are optimized to rank approvingly contained by the hunt engines. These pages are considered so that visitors will move deeper into the website where the real at ease lies. Routing to the entry pages are customarily buried from the visitors (but not the SE robots) on the homepage.

Invisible Text and Graphics

Using concealed text (text the same or a very analogous color to the background) was once used to spam a homepage and some contained by pages with non-stop keywords and keyphrases. Also links to entrance way pages and buried site maps can be done with hidden text (or imaginary graphics). Some designers will conceive a decorative link with a 1 pixel by 1 pixel raster image and link this to a covert inner page such as a clandestine site map.

Submitting Pages Too Often

Submitting the same pages to the explore engines contained by a 24 hour episode can get you penalized and may delay your website from being scheduled in the rankings. Some explore engines accept as true that pages submitted earlier than every 30 days is too much. The 30 day rule is a good rule to admire when submitting to compound hunt engines.

Using Beside the point Keywords

Using inappropriate keywords in a website's metatags and / or body copy in order to complete high rankings will most absolutely backfire. Exploration engines now want to see parity among these two areas and if your site is brain wave to be spamming with extraneous keywords, you site will be penalized or blacklisted.

Automated Submissions to the Major Hunt Engines

Using an automated assistance or software to acquiesce your website to the exploration engines can be awfully counterproductive. Most of the major explore engines and directories acknowledge handbook submissions but do not like to be spammed with the automated ones.


Cloaking is the attempt of not to be trusted both the examination engine and the visitor by portion up another pages for each. The visitor sees a nicely calculated and formatted page and the examination engine robot scans a page of decidedly optimized text. Any attempt that is not to be trusted be supposed to be avoided and the collapse of cloaking is that, if caught, the website can be banned permanently.

Using a Cheap or Free Web Host

Using a cheap or free web host can hurt in the hunt engine rankings. Everyday downtime, pages taken down for exceeding the bandwidth deter robots from indexing your site. If a robot cannot approach your site often enough, your site will be dropped from the examination engines. Hosting is cheap, so if you are acute about your website get your own province name and host not one like: geocities. com/yoursite.

Sharing an IP Address

Sharing an IP Deal with even from a legitimate web host can get your site in trouble. If you have cleaned up your website from all of the techniques mentioned above and your website still does not get relisted by the explore engines in a connect of months, check with your host to see if you are allotment an IP deal with with other sites. If so, you may believe heartrending your website to a new host who will give you your own IP attend to or at least one that is not common with a new ballet company who has had their IP attend to (an yours) banned by the exploration engines.

FAST's Boss of Affair Education and Marketing, Stephen Baker, has affirmed that globally there are approximately 30 million crawl-able servers and approximately two-thirds have been banned by the FAST arrangement for spamming. If these information are correct, your site may be blacklisted or castigate for "guilt by association. "

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