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Donuts anyone? - site-promotion


When we ran the contest back in 1998 we had a idea there would be a few visitors but we got a big surprise. We had up to 1000 colonize per hour from the local area meeting on the web site coming up for the cop to come in the drive thru. We ran the contest for 2 months and it was the best publicity we had ever done. It bent more then 500 new customers per month and caused a bunch of associates to get complex in a contest we felt was going to be average of the road. As I met with a marketing guru 2 months ago we had sat and chatted about marketing that worked and the Donut shop cop came back to life.

We had been looking for a way to bring customers to our new crop that we had been donation on the net www. nostingkypits. com & www. growumgreen. com these food desirable to get out to the civic and get know we felt this could be accomplished with donutshopcop. com. as we had a list of emails that I had calm from jokes contacts and children had sent me I sent out a email attractive them to have a look and see if they required to join and play the game.

After I sent out a total of 1500 emails face-to-face addressed we got a gigantic 85000 hits. It may have to do with the fact of present win your consequence in donuts. Also the fact is when the acquaintance who you referred wins you also get the same prize. This month we are doing some test promotion for a circle in Cambridge. It seems to be going ok and citizens are beating the site just fine.

Some of the apparatus we are using for this can be bought off the shelf if you have the appeal to set this up. We used a ATI all in awe pro for capture. For the camera we used a Samsung video cam on a video cable back into the card. The mainframe is a old p3 500 with 128 megs ram on Windows XP. The cam software is Webcam32 it is a breeze to setup. It pushes a still back to the attendant every 60 seconds. It all sits on a cable bond for a local business. There are from 3 to 9 cop cars in the donut shop each day and your likelihood of appealing are high.

For the first win we give them a Tee shirt and some artifact samples with all names going into the draw for the monthly prize. We plan to offer larger and beat belongings as we go along. Internet admittance (1 year DSL connection), lease on a car for a year, boats , bikes and other food as we get rolling all it takes is a a small amount mind and the sky is the limit.

On our next venture we are going to setup other cams in fast food sitting room and it may be a cop or who knows !!!!

The cam is setup on the Tim Horton's in Waterloo Ontario Canada.

Looking for help or more info you can associate me directly

Richard Willis owns and operates Donutshopcop. com he also owns and operates Puterdudes a full cpu assistance company. he has been in the central processing unit big business for the last 17 years concerned with atypical companys and projects.

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