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"One in a million". What do I mean by that? Well, for those of you who have dabbled in internet businesses such as belong to programs and complex marketing businesses, you would know that these programs commonly bestow an total website for you to bazaar their program.

That's great isn't it? Your very own website to promote the business, and it also tracks your referrals and commission!

You Are Not Alone

The only catch is, every distinct character who signs up for $1. 67 A Day gets the same webpage, the only thing another is that each character has their own name at the base of the page.

That means, even even if you have your own webpage, it is not unique. There are thousands out there with the same webpage as you.

Some of you might be maxim that it's ok. That you can still promote your own webpage by emailing each one (be alert that you don't spam!).

However, the badly behaved surfaces when you start bearing in mind explore engines and directories, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Let's face it: the vast best part of website visitors find the website via explore engines. A variety of rare cases get visitors via word of mouth or brand name or via offline advertising. But the information still be a symptom of that exploration engines still give the most traffic.

And if you have thousands of other websites that look closely the same as yours, you're absolutely not going to do very well in the hunt engines. Most examination engines look for how much value a webpage can bestow to a hunt user. If your page is one of thousands that look the same, it doesn't have much value.

As a side note, Google misused their examination engine algorithm in November 2003, and a lot of ad and colleague websites act to get hit the hardest. It is now harder for these sites to rank well in Google.

Stand Out From The Crowd

a) Domains

So what you have to do, is be another from the rest of the affiliates. The first step is to get your own domain. Your realm is all in all your internet address.

If you use a URL given to you by an associate program, a smart consumer will directly know that you are an affiliate, and as a replacement for of visiting your site, he might himself sign up as an affiliate, and buy the goods via his own associate site, earning the agency himself. That's one less sale for you.

Also, explore engines love a shorter URL with a inimitable domain. The URL with your own realm indicates that it might not be an belong to program, and might have a touch first to charity performance internet surfers. Generally, exceptional domains will rank privileged than colleague URLs, as of the perceived value of the uniqueness.

In addition, it is good to have a area that contains great keywords that surfers will key into examination engines. Domains with keywords in them tend to do change for the better in the examination engine rankings as well.

b) Do A bit Else

Now that you have your own domain, what do you do with it?

Marketing examination has shown again and again that having a website that just sells a effect doesn't do as well as websites that endow with value-added service. Visitors will at once know that you're frustrating to get them to buy something, and they'll as soon as leave.

Note: Most internet surfers exploration the internet looking for information, not to buy stuff!

Having said that, you can adjustment the angle of your website by present information. Conceive a website to help the visitor by as long as in order that they want, and then sell the associate agenda or association marketing artifact on the side.

For example, you can conceive a website that teaches visitors how to cook Italian dishes; how to cook Italian salads; how to take care of their utensils.

This will make the visitors more at home and will get them to trust you. Once you have their trust, you can ask them to subscribe to your money-earner, a great agenda that collects a recipe directory, such as Recipe Swap.

Isn't that easy? The key is to get visitors to trust you by on condition that them the in a row they want, then abide by up with your colleague program.

Steven is the webmaster of http://www. onlinebiz-help. com/ - Your Guide To Internet Business. His website provides a choice of capital on colleague programs and internet marketing counsel to help your online business. Check them out!


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