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Do not build a website until you have researched your keywords - site-promotion


Imagine that you have a $25,000 marketing account for your online burden loss herbal supplement business. Should you invest it in frustrating to build a site to rank #1 in Google for "weight loss?" NO.

What would be the point? To get tons of traffic? Maybe. But citizens pointed on "weight loss" could be looking for the whole thing from credence loss diet books. . . to authority loss prescription drugs. . . to exact studies on burden loss in average aged men. . . to credence loss as a symptom of a rare blood disease. Do you certainly care about being paid ALL those untargeted visitors to your site? Are they ALL good prospects for your supplements? NO.

So beforehand you spend one definite penny - or one detailed -building your web site, find out what the low battle search phrases are for your detail product. It doesn't matter whether you are an associate advertising a big shot else's product, or marketing your own proprietary supplements. Do your keyword research BEFORE, not after you've built your site.

Avoid location an difficult goal, such as being #1 in Google for a broad term like "weight loss. " Isn't it wiser - and easier on you - to invest $1,000 house a site filled with dedicated pages, each of which revolves about ONE highly targeted keyword like "over 40 woman's herbal burden loss"?

As Sean Burns explains in his book, Rankings Revealed, think about the affair goals of your site. Strive to be successful with 50 amply listening carefully pages, each of which ranks high for a lone phrase. Don't build 200 pages that are trying to push you to the top for a common term that won't bring you much real affair anyway.

Keyword examine and under attack pages are a smarter investment than hundreds of entrance pages that may get banned tomorrow. With the techniques we teach at DominateSearchEngines, you can build key word-targeted pages that are essentially useful to your visitors. But you have to know which keywords to focus on FIRST.

There are many free and low-cost tools for conclusion low clash hunt phrases. Visit http://www. content. overture. eom/d/USm/ac/index. 1html and click "Search Term Evocation Tool". But anything tool you choose, go for exploration terms that are decidedly specific, relevant to your product, and have less antagonism than the generic terms.

Pinpoint targeting and low contest means privileged rankings - with less investment of time, effort, and money.

You must also be sure that your besieged explore term is included in the right sitting room in the HTML. It be supposed to act in your Title, Description, your HI, H2, your first line of text, once or twice in each paragraph, once in bold, once in italic, and in some of your links. Don't know what I'm chatting about? It's time to learn - just like you have to learn to use a saw, screws, nails, drill and glue to build a bookshelf.

Let's appraise that again - Here are the sitting room your targeted keyword needs to be positioned if you ever want a attempt at #1 ranking:

The Title of the page
The Account META tag
The Keyword META tag In your headline - Use the < hl > or< h2 > tag
Your first line of text Once or Twice in each paragraph
Once in bold
Once in italics
And, finally, in some links. . .

Amazingly, many citizens contempt these clean rules as trying to "trick" the examination engines. But they are wrong. Including your under attack examination term in the right places is essentially being POLITE to the exploration engines. It helps the spider choose whether your site is relevant for a given search.

If your page is about "Atkins diet meal plans for women," wouldn't it be commonsensical for those words to be in your Title, your Description, your Headlines, your links, and your text? The only analyze they wouldn't be is if your site is about something else! That's how the spiders think. So ought to you. Be smarter than your competitors. Simplify your site's HTML and use it well.

Finally! Determine Amazing Ways to Dominate The Exploration Engines. . . in Less Than 3 Hours With the New Coordination that Assure FRE*E Traffic for You! Brought to you by Anik Singal DominateSearchEngines

Kusuma Widjaja is Leader of Yahoo Cyber Technology, CV. , based in Surabaya. He has over 2 years encounter in Internet Marketing Arena, Custom Web Site Aim and Diagrammatic Aim Services. For more in order go to http://www. whycity. net or you can reach us at +62-8315-838474.


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