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Generating travel to your web site - site-promotion


When promoting any creation or assistance every hit to your website counts.

So presumptuous your site converts a percentage of visitors to sales, the more traffic, the more sales you make!

I have read a add up to of articles lately on how to write good ad or sales copy and optimising websites.

What I have not seen is how to get dependable numbers of hits to your site. Well may be, that is not quite true as you are constantly blasted with email about driving traffic to your site. But most of these options compel you to get your bank card out. You know the rest !

I was read-through the stats to my web sites and noticed 2 new referrers to my site. It occurred to me the importance of in receipt of constant visitors or hits to your site.

One site referring interchange was the Ryze Exchange ideas where I have been redistribution in the "Promote It" arrangement and receiving a slow but steady add up to of site visitors. The Ryze complex is a place where you collect your own free web page where you are able to add a photo and in order about your not public and big business interests.

I'm also a associate of the "ItsYourCoach" and the Entrepreneurs Opportunities, Ryze Networks and there are hundreds of others to join.

To learn more here is my individual Ryze page. http://www. ryze. com/go/VoIP

You are able to acquaintance other members and join any amount of networks which focus on a whole range of topics. Then you are able to go that one step auxiliary and upgrade to full attachment where you can edit the html on your page along with other options.

One of my own websites is in receipt of hits most days from Ryze and I am most possible in receipt of to colleague sites that I'm promoting all through Ryze too.

While I was looking at the posts in a forum I found a new Search Engine - Directory. It is present Free attachment until it officially opens. You are able to add your site to their encyclopedia - exploration listings http://www. 4az. com If you list your site it is displayed, highlighted at the top of revaluate search's.

At acquaint with they are donation free link listings but when they open, any new members will enter an allied program.

Another slow but steady digit of hits come from Opportunity. com This only works if you get new members to join. You are able to send email to under attack prospects every week - 100% Free to join and real easy to set-up. You even be given a free email alias and an ID.

http://www. opportunity. com/r/VoIP_NZ

I have used an opportunity. com redirect link or Sub-Domain for my ezine. You are provided 10 sub-domains - redirect links. Having your link in an email end in an Joined link has a good attempt of receiving your email filtered (dumped) by many ISP's. So using an Opportunity. com sub-domain for my ezine looks like this.

http://www. the-index-ezine. opportunity. com

If you are being paid visitors to your site, Thumbshots Level is a way to balance explore engine grade connecting Google, Yahoo and a few others. Your position determines the quantity of transfer you will possible be given from explore engines.

One thing I noticed was that Google would only list one link where as Yahoo would list all links to the site or page you typed into the two text boxes. I have a connect of sites at the top of the place and for my Internet-Income-Index. com site Google planned one link and Yahoo programmed 100. So you can see that each explore engine uses another methods of ranking and item your site.

http://www. thumbshots. org have a poll on explore engines preferences. Google has 76% and back up is Yahoo with only 8%. That is a big difference.

The Idea after http://thumbshots. net is to give a thumb nail image of your site when it is programmed in examination results. Thumbshots (ThumbNails) are screenshots of web pages to help you locate web sites at once and easily. Thumbshots display closely what you would get ahead of visiting a link. Millions of ancestors trust and rely on thumbshots to take control of their surfing.

This is analogous to Alexa. com where you are able to ask Alexa to visit your site and take a thumb nail image of your home page to exhibit beside your site if it comes up in the top 3 fallout in a search.

Ask Alexa to take a Thumb Nail of your site.

http://thumbnails. alexa. com/update_thumbnail

I am sure in receipt of side tracked from receiving hits to your site but this is all good info to keep. This is how easy it is to get side tracked when researching one topic, But it still relates to promoting your site.

So now to clarify more about Thumbshot. com, . org and . net They have a large encyclopedia with domino effect from Dmoz. org and other sources. There are a come to of hunt engines placing Thumbnails of web pages beside exploration fallout already.

ThumbNail. com are going one step auxiliary in that they are creating a encyclopedia like Dmoz with ThumbNails and are supplying other Directories and exploration engines with listings.

My prediction is that in the very near forthcoming as more people change to Broadband and WiFi many hunt engines will provide a ThumbNail beside their hunt results. Who will be first Google, Yahoo or MSN ?

But in the next year or so you may have to manually acquiesce your site to Alexa. com or add each the Thumbshot. com image or test link at http://www. thumbshots. org/attribution. pxf to your site before they will ceremony your Web page thumbnail next to your listing. As most home or index pages arrive on the scene in exploration engines add their link there and on any page that comes up in searches.

NOTE: But Some of my website pages are appearance up with a ThumbNail some aren't. Now work this one out. Some pages are appearance up with a ThumbNail view of the "Home Page" but then there is no ThumbNail displayed beside the home page when I do a exploration in the almanac at thumbshot. net ??

My Internet-Income-Index. com site shows the ThumbNail without me addition the image or link to my site so they must also be indexing some sites and compelling the check shots.

NOTE also that Sites that look cool in real size may not look so hot as a Thumbnail.


Editor of ~ The INDEX ~ ezine.

Editor@Internet-income-index. com

http://www. Internet-Income-Index. com

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