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If you've subscribed to an seo newsletter for longer than a week, you're well aware that inscription articles with tips and guidance pertaining to your website's area of interest is a great way to create links and traffic. But what if you can't write or are anxious to write? Well, if you can write software, you're still in luck! In this commentary I'll show you a trick that can still earn you hundreds of links and won't call for you know the differentiation amid adjectives and adverbs.

I'll use my own hardly website as an case (I to all comers admit that I am neither a web designer nor a programmer). My wife and I own By Ask for DJ & Karaoke Company. Obviously, we concentrate in weddings dances, drill dances, ballet company parties, and karaoke. We in recent times went all the way through the administer of converting all our CDs to compressed digital audio files which are played from a laptop moderately than haulage about thousands of CDs. In the course of action of ripping and encoding our music, I found many tasks were very repetitive and time consuming. Since I know a modicum of Visual Basic, it was clear-cut to write a effectiveness to automate these tasks. I figured that if it was caring to me, some other DJ might find it accommodating to, so I called my advantage MP3G to ZIP and made it accessible for download from my website. I also categorical to agree to it to a few freeware sites just so it was easier to find.

What happened amazed me. Many of the links to my website from these freeware directories began performance up in Google. Given the name of my circle and the imagery of my freeware apps, this helped boost my site for some very competitive keywords. I certain to agree to my software to a few more directories, and that's when I found two very handy tools: PAD files and RoboSoft.

A PAD file is a "Portable Attention Description, and it helps authors endow with creation metaphors and specifications to online sources in a accepted way, using a accepted data configure that will allow webmasters and curriculum librarians to automate course listings. " It takes the boredom out of submitting your software to hundreds of sites by enabling you to enter the URL to your software in order moderately than retyping all the in rank for every submission. It was fashioned by the Connection of Shareware Professionals (http://www. asp-shareware. org/pad) and is a free utility.

RoboSoft (http://rudenko. com/robosoft) is a semi-automated software submission effectiveness that contains a list of known freeware and shareware directories that admit submissions. It is only semi-autonomous for the reason that it won't push the buttons for you, but it will fill in the blanks. This still allows you to briefly enter your software's in order to hundreds of websites. Websites who will all link back to your website and most often don't command a joint link. The RoboSoft catalog at this time lists 420 freeware and shareware directories.

In the two months I have been using these tools I have seen my passage jump from 800 distinctive visits per month to over 5000, and the link popularity of the page that has my two freeware apps has gone from 7 to 639 according to widexl. com. While these are small facts for a celebrity like cnn. com, sprint. com, or even napster. com, they are huge for a small site like mine. Plus, they are commencement to get me links from my fellow DJs who have used and esteemed my tools. I'm a number of that they will in the end lead to good things.

So, while it isn't a tactic that will make you come to for "best website", it will get you a few more links. And it won't command you to accept any articles with tips about marketing your website.

Tim Smith owns By Appeal DJ & Karaoke Company (http://www. byrequest. dj) with his wife Tammy. He is neither a web developer nor a programmer, but he can mix like a madman and is an avid "Do-It-Yourselfer".


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