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Seo 101 ? the basics of how to get to the top of the exploration engines - site-promotion


Depending on your site's business matter, you might even be able to start earning a important earnings completely from the popularity of your site. For example, if you have a site on jokes you might be able to get a extensive sum of traffic, but you're dubious to earn a huge income.

On the other hand, if you have a top place site on Google for the keyword couch "web hosting", you'll be able to earn at least $1-2 million (probably more like $3-4 million) per year from that site alone. However, to get into the top 10 in Google for the express "web hosting" is exceedingly difficult, you would need to be a examination engine pro to do it - even then, it might take you two years to get there with a team of 5 associates running about the clock.

A profitable site will be based on a good keyword phrase, a good topic (or business material) and be another an adequate amount of to stand out from the competition. If you can association these basics productively you'll become more intense you likelihood of rotary a profit from your site.

Keep in mind that there are a digit of niche areas where there is not so much contest but still the break to make a civilized profit. There are hundreds of such areas where you have the ability to earn $500-2000 per month. We'll talk about keyword examine and discovery profitable niche areas in later issues, but for now, let's look at the basics of how to get a site to the top of the exploration engines.

I'm going to focus on SEO for Google since it's the chief (and the best) hunt engine which will engender the most traffic, in particular if you can master all of the right optimization methods. Google has a very convoluted approach for seminal which sites make it to the top of the explore engine. There are many factors caught up and there is no careful formula. A added contemplation is that Google often changes its formula so you can't rely on it being the same from month to month. However, there are a few key factors which are doubtful to alteration dramatically:

Keywords phrases ought to be one of the most crucial considerations when you are optimizing your site (remember that for each page of the site you ought to concentrate on one or two keyword phrases).

Keyword phrases (which you want to get to the top of the explore engine for) ought to be well researched. For more in a row on researching keywords, have a look at http://www. profitpuppy. com/keyword-research. htm where you can find links to convenient keyword tools.

Key factors for receiving to the top of Google:

1. The keyword expression in the title of the page - you must have the couch in the title of the page.
2. The keyword axiom in the text of the page - you want the keyword express to be up the top of the page, if possible as high up the top of the code on the page as possible. You also want the axiom constant a few times on the page. Don't worry about how many times, just at least 3-4 times and more if you think it fits in biologically with the comfortable of the page.
3. Include the keyword expression in a large font caption with H1 tags (this may make a small difference).
4. Links into your site from other sites (covered in more conscript below).
5. Links surrounded by your site (covered below).
6. Links to other sites (covered below).

Links into your site from other sites

This is maybe the most crucial feature for receiving good explore engine listings. You need to have good links appearance into your site from other sites. You want those links to be from admired sites that also have lots of links appearance into them. Google uses a Page Rank approach which is a rough calculate of how many links are advent into your site. You want links from sites that have good Page Rank. Creating 50 of your own sites and interlinking them won't become more intense your page ranking.

How do you get links from other sites?
The main ways are to: Coin a great site that colonize artlessly want to link to, Get an associate curriculum so colonize can link to your site and get paid, swap links with other sites, get planned in directories such as dmoz. org and buy links from associates who have sites with a high PR (Page Rank). Again, we'll be chatting about this in more depth in a further issue of the newsletter.

The most chief concern with incoming links is that you need to have the keyword express in the link that directs interchange to you your site. Receiving programmed in directories such as DMOZ (Open Encyclopedia Project) can also help you appreciably in receiving a good explore engine grade in Google.

Links surrounded by your site

It helps once again if you have the keyword expression in the links to each page of your site. For example, let's say you have a site on baby goods and you have one page where you are difficult to optimize for the keyword express "cheap baby supplies". You be supposed to make sure that links that come into that page have the expression "cheap baby supplies" so that your links look like this: Click here for cheap baby equipment

Links to other sites

You can better your page rank if you link to other sites that have high hunt engine listings for the axiom that you are frustrating to optimize for. Note: it can also deter if you link to pages that are off-topic. For example, you don't want to link to a element arms factory from your baby materials site.

Some other clothes you don't want to do (and some clothes that make no change at all) are:

1. Repeating the keyword express numerous times on the page if not it makes appropriate sense.
2. Placing buried links on your site - for example, links that are the same color as the backdrop of the page won't be acknowledged by Google.
3. Optimizing your site too cautiously - if it's apparent that you have optimized your site for Google (for example, if all your incoming links use the same keyword phrase) you may be penalized. Google looks for sites that are more 'natural' in their structure, so if all links look the same this won't look like an organic site to Google robots and you may be penalized for it.
4. Despite admired opinion, Meta tags don't certainly help at all. However, the class tag is central since that is the depiction that will act in your inventory on Google.

Finally, you may have heard of colonize using automated pages and or 'cloaked pages' to get high hunt engine rankings in Google. Personally, I don't have faith in in compelling this approximate as it's a non-sustainable way of being paid high hunt engine rankings (that's not say that some associates who aren't very booming at it). I know of atleast 3 amply flourishing companies who engender automated pages using this software http://www. profitpuppy. com/traffic. This is a sneaky way to make it to the top of of the explore engine rankings, but it can work; one guy I know is earning numerous million dollars per year using this technique. So it can work, but as I mentioned before, I don't think it's sustainable and the Google engine doesn't take benign to it.

How do I accept my site to the explore engines?

My delicate idea is that if your site is not found biologically by next links then it is doubtful to rank in the explore engines - I don't customarily disconcert submitting to explore engines.

So that's the basics of how to get to the top of the explore engines. We'll have a look at the more difficult stuff later on. It takes a lot of time awareness and allegiance to get there but once you master it, SEO is a fantastic way to get passage and make money on the web.

Robert Rawson

AKA: http://www. profitpuppy. com/


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